AMLI Wynwood (316 Apartments) & Wynwood Haus (224 Apartments) Both Topped Off Last Week

Two major apartment projects in or near Wynwood celebrated topping off construction of their shells last week.

AMLI Wynwood, which will have 316 luxury apartments upon completion, topped off at 8 stories, according to shell contractor L&R Structural Corp.

The AMLI project is among the largest to ever break ground in Wynwood, and will have 316 luxury apartments, 33,821 of ground floor commercial space, and 388 parking spaces.

Arquitectonica is the architect.

The other major apartment project topping off last week was Wynwood Haus.

According to contractor Beauchamp Construction, Wynwood Haus topped off at 20 stories. A ceremony was held on Friday.

Wynwood Haus will have 224 luxury apartments, 5,375 of ground floor commercial space, and 222 parking spaces.

Corwil is the architect for Wynwood Haus, with TSG and Lineaire the developers.

Both projects broke ground around June 2021.


AMLI Wynwood:

(image: L&R Structural)



Wynwood Haus: