Hong Kong Court Battle Over Control Of The Capital At Brickell Site, Where 1,069-Foot Towers Planned

Two companies from China are battling over control of the Capital at Brickell site in a Hong Kong Court, newly filed records show.

The site was excavated over a decade ago by a previous developer who planned a twin-tower project, before construction was halted. The land is now a fenced off hole in the ground, in the heart of Brickell.

Beijing-based China City Construction purchased the property and later sold a stake to Hong Kong’s Asia Allied Infrastructure Holdings (formerly Chun Wo Development Holdings), but that partnership soured after China City ran into financial problems.

The two companies own the site through a series of holding companies in the British Virgin Islands and Delaware. Asia Allied owns 45%, with China City the remaining 55%.

Asia Allied sued China City earlier this year after no progress was made in the Brickell development. A court in Hong Kong is now deciding the fate of the property.

According to a filing last month, Asia Allied was able to obtain a court order barring any sale or transfer by China City of its 55% stake.

Before China City’s financial problems, the developers had been planning twin towers with 3.2 million square feet, at a total development value of $875 million. A partner in the project had said the towers would be Miami’s tallest at 1,069 feet.


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Sell to Swire and be done with it, they know what to do! This deadzone of Brickel deserves better…


There is no evidence to date that Swires knows how to build a super tall.


I read this article and wanted to write exactly what you wrote. I live next door and I would love to see a great project go up in this nasty dirt hole. Please sell it to Swire, they developed Brickell Key and BCC and I am sure they would do a great job. Just put massive retail in the lower floors and go way high above with condos or apartments. The Metromover will connect it to BCC, it is the ideal location.


Give us one of them beautiful Hong Kong/ or Shanghai super towers with the dancing lights at night.


Maybe in 15 years we’ll see something.


How convenient that this is happening to what were some of the most beautiful projects that would have gone up. Ahh!


I think I remember hearing or reading a line from a Related fluff-piece that SLS Lux was “the missing piece to complete the South Miami Ave Puzzle”

Whenever I go by this site I remember that and actually LOL. Hopefully we end up getting a BCC level project here because this is a massive opportunity


Seriously. It’s a massive lot. Same with the lot on the other side of the MetroRail tracks from Publix.


Whoever wins, I doubt they will build anything.


The FAA will never approve a super tall tower on that site.


This is the ideal location for a super tall. If anything FAA encourages a super tall here


They approved Panorama down the street, they can approve it here too.


Speak American.


Don’t live in Miami then.


What language is American? I don’t think I was ever taught that one.


Espanol cracka you leave