Another 70,000 People Are Working In The Miami Area This Year, Setting A Record

There are more people working in Miami-Dade than ever before in history, according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BLS released data on Friday that showed the county has once again broken employment records in January, after a record-setting December. Miami-Dade’s labor force now stands at 1,360,727 while total employed is at 1,291,079, both record numbers.

Overall, there were 77,931 more people in the Miami metro area labor force in January 2017 than in January 2016, with 26,765 of those in Miami-Dade. The metro area labor force (including Broward and Palm Beach) now totals 3,100,186.

As a whole, Florida added jobs faster than any other state on a percentage basis. On a nominal basis, Florida surpassed Texas for new workers during the month, and was only behind much larger California.

Education and health services, leisure and hospitality, and finance jobs were among the job categories that Miami-Dade broke records for in December, according to a February article in Miami Today.




with single family land in the area built out, the new arrivals may be living in multifamily