Anti-Walmart Crusader Lashes Out After Strategy Criticized

Neighborhood activist Grant Stern has reacted angrily to exMiami’s criticism of his plan to prevent Walmart from building in Midtown Miami.

Last week, exMiami wrote that Walmart appeared to be poised for victory in Midtown, based on our assessment of the defective approach that is being employed by the opposition, led by Stern and attorney Paul Savage.

Instead of altering strategy though, Stern seems to have spent much of the past week attacking the messenger. Soon after the critical analysis was published, Stern took to social media (and our comment section) to denounce exMiami. Stern claimed that Walmart’s PR firm planted the article, an erroneous allegation which was picked up by various bloggers (exMiami is the ONLY independent website regularly reporting on Miami real estate, and is not affiliated with any PR firms.)

To clarify, although we are critical of the strategy of Walmart’s opponents, we are neither in favor nor opposed to Walmart in Midtown. There are clearly both positive and negative aspects if Walmart wins the appeal and is permitted to build there. The behavior of the opposition however, has reinforced our view that Walmart is on the path to eventual victory.



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