Apartments, Retail Could Replace City National Bank Building In North Beach

The California developer that recently paid $25m for the City National Bank building in North Beach wants to combine the property with city-owned land to build a mixed-use project.

The six-story City National Bank office building would be demolished as part of the proposal. An adjacent three-story building, the original home of the bank, would be retained.

A 12-story, 140-unit rental apartment building would replace the demolished office building. It would include ground floor retail, and a small park for the public behind it.

Across the street, the developer would combine with city-owned land to build a parking garage with 360 spaces. The ground floor would include 30,000 square feet of retail, expected to be occupied by a grocer.

The design of the new project would be Art Deco themed.

Pacific Star Capital is the developer. Miami Beach’s commission is scheduled to discuss the proposal on May 17.


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Good looking flyer


North Beach will be the next BIG THING, it is a great neighborhood that is becoming awesome. A significant portion of land has been recently acquired by top developers that will transform the 71st corridor, Collins between 71 and 74th, and ocean terrace. High end properties will drive quality traffic to the area coupled with high end tourism from the four seasons, surf club, fendi, latelier, Canyon ranch etc… creating a great neighborhood to live…. the master plan will preserve the mimo buildings so development will be very targeted. THANKS TO ALL DEVELOPERS THAT ALREADY BOUGHT LAND AND HAVE A GREAT VISION FOR THE AREA… let’s make it happen ASAP.


Why about keeping the six story building and convert into live-work lofts? Similar to The Bank on Biscayne Blvd.


The plan seems to have many civic benefits. Not sure how that residents of North Beach feel about it becoming the next BIG THING. No one seems to want it to be South Beach or a destination. I think they msotly like it the way it is and just want it cleaned up with safe, tree line streets, adequate parking, and oriented to the locals. People are afraid that if it is the NEXT BIG THING rents will go up and the pace of local displacement will increase. Maybe by adding a supply of rental units it will help stop this, but gentrification does have both positive and negative effects.


North Beach needs a Trader Joes, Wholefoods, Equinox, etc. The traffic is unmanageable around Miami and we need more local options to get people off their cars.


This area needs desperate improvement


I hate North Beach with a passion. Let’s stop trying to make North Beach a “thing” please!


Why all the animus? If you feel so strongly about this locale, one would think that improving it would, perhaps, change your opinion. The potential is certainly there. If everyone thought like you and were so rigid in their thinking, many great neighborhoods would have languished unnecessarily. The foregoing notwithstanding, no one’s going to force to visit that neighborhood against your will. Let those that see the possibilities take the reins.


understood, to each their own. My problem is that the city of miami beach has diverted an exorbitant amount of funds to help develop north beach at the expense of other areas of the city that also need help and in the case of south beach areas that are actually putting those funds in the coffers in the first place. I think it’s unfair. and over the 10 plus years they have been dumping money into that black hole I haven’t seen the city’s ROI.


also, you don’t know me, hence the “anonymous” title, therefore there is no need to preach to me about my “rigid” thinking as I have given you no context for which you base your analysis of my thinking. I don’t understand why people must always feel the need to attack a person in order to legitimize their argument. you said your piece, i said mine, and that is good enough in a civil discourse.


“I hate North Beach with a passion.”

Let me guess…a past girlfriend dumped you for a guy that lived there?