Apple Store Confirmed On Brickell City Centre Website; Mall Adds 2-Hour Free Parking, Uber Dropoff

Brickell City centre is now confirming that an Apple Store is coming to the mall by adding them to the mall directory on their website.

Although permit applications have shown a two-level Apple Store, the mall has never publicly announced the store.

Brickell City Centre also announced today that for a limited time, visitors will be given two hours of free parking.

In addition, several Uber dropoff points have been designated throughout the project.

Brickell City Centre Amps Up Transportation Options – The Mega Mixed-use Project Announces Uber as its Official Ride and Offers Complimentary Parking For Visitors

Visitors to the mixed-use project will find easy access to their favorite retail and restaurants via dedicated Uber drop off zones as well as complimentary two-hour parking at its underground parking garage.

Developer Swire Properties delivers on commitment to easing traffic congestion and making Brickell a more pedestrian-friendly district.

MIAMI – Brickell City Centre, Miami’s landmark $1.05 billion, nine-acre, work, live and play destination, announces a partnership with ride-sharing titan, Uber. As the official ride of Brickell City Centre, Uber created designated pick-up points at each of the project’s five towers, including its newly opened three-level retail center, the EAST, Miami hotel, condo towers REACH and RISE and class-A office towers Two and Three Brickell City Centre. The designated pick-up points are strategically located to streamline congestion in Brickell and improve passengers’ ridesharing experience.

For a limited time, Brickell City Centre is also offering all visitors complimentary two-hour parking at its two-level underground parking garage, effective today.

“Transportation and seamless access to Brickell City Centre has always been a priority for Swire when developing the project; from renovating the eighth street MetroMover to implementing the infrastructure for an underground garage,” said Kieran Bowers, president of Swire Properties, the developer behind Brickell City Centre. “Our partnership with Uber will leverage the convenience and reliability of ridesharing, enhancing transportation options and the overall experience at Brickell City Centre.”

Official pick-ups will begin immediately. First-time riders can use the promo code BrickellCityCentre to get their first ride free, up to $20. Find out more about Brickell City Centre and Uber’s partnership at

“Uber is excited to partner with Brickell City Centre, one of the largest mixed use developments in the world, to offer visitors and residents a safe, reliable, and accessible ride,” said Kasra Moshkani, general manager of Uber South Florida. “As Miami continues to grow, and transportation becomes a bigger challenge for people, Uber will continue using our technology to take cars off the road and improve the everyday lives of South Florida residents.”

In addition to Brickell City Centre’s partnership with Uber, the development seamlessly connects with Miami’s key transportation nodes by incorporating the 8th Street Miami Metromover station and offers convenient access to all major highways. Brickell City Centre aims to also ease the street-level traffic flow with its expansive underground carpark.


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It a mall that isn’t even close to being fully open yet. There are only a hand full of stores open like Saks that have high foot traffic. Stores like Apple, Zara, Sport Action, REISS, Designer Eyes, and the Food Hall are still months off. And those are stores when everyday people go to shop. Not to mention another 15+ luxury stores.

Pubbelly Sushi was full on a Wednesday night and the movie theater next door isn’t even open. The Tacology next to Pubbelly looks like once open it will be a great hangout as well.

I don’t think your going to be able to judge foot traffic until all the stores are open, probably next holiday season.


This mall will start paying its numbers in about 5 years , when all the rest of the projects will be completed in the area , and when more street improvements will be done in ALL the streets of the Brickell are…’s a combination of factores , not just the mall by itself ……


street improvements?? yeah, lets not go to the mall until the streets are improved??? what kind of mentality is that….better stay home!!


Not an Apple kind of guy, but I am glad one is opening at BCC. It will help bring people into the mall.


I agree. However their products have gotten boring and they’ve lost their innovation star. Right now they have a single product sustaining the whole behemoth and it is the iphone. The rest is blah. Even Microsoft is outshining Apple big time these days.


This mall could use a lot more comfortable seating around the place and some customer service reps. They have a desk there that is always empty…you’d think this would be a top priority to help guide people and answer questions…especially for being half-open.

Also the greenery looks better on the streets outside the mall than inside the mall itself. I was hoping the interior would look more like Bal Harbour.


It’s got poor interior finishes which does leave a bad taste in your mouth about this huge and costly project


Looks like not enough traffic in the mall. Enticing customers with free parking


That’s been my view as well. The last few times ive gone, once even last saturday night for dinner, almost the entire second underground parking floor was empty. i think the movie theater will help along with the food hall. The last thing im hoping is this becomes another mini design district with mostly empty stores. Only time will tell.


I agree only time will tell, I think by the end of this year after everything is open we will be able to tell for sure.


Apple is not listed on the BCC directory?????


I would probably go there one time in my life just to see it. Going to brickell is super stressful with extreme traffic, narrow roads, 5 minute red lights, no parking. I will wait for world center shopping to open or even better, the Bayview market west of Biscayne in edgewater area to develop.


As all have said, time will tell. So far, not too optimistic about this mall. It’s nothing like the renderings showed of interior. It’s almost as if the costs of constructions rose too much and they had to cut back on the final finishes.