Apple Planning To Open Their New Store On Lincoln Road Next Week

Apple has set on opening date for a new store on Lincoln Road, and hired an artist to celebrate it.

The new store, located at 1021 Lincoln Road is expected to open on April 24. It will be nearly triple the size of their store down the block, which will be closed

Apple, which calls Miami ‘one of the most creative places on Earth’ commissioned contemporary artist HENSE to paint a mural in front of the store. The work was created live on site last week and will remain in place until the store opens.

Miami is one of the most creative places on Earth. A big part of that creativity is expressed through its incredible street art scene. So to announce the upcoming opening of the all‑new Apple Store at 1021 Lincoln Road, we’re collaborating with internationally acclaimed artist HENSE. The mural he’s painting, like the store itself, will not only be inspired by the energy of Miami, it will also be a fresh source of inspiration for the city.