Architect: 18 Will Be One Of The Most Architecturally-Compelling Structures In Downtown Miami

The architect behind a proposal to replace Brickell’s Burger King with a 78-story tower issued a press release stating that the design was inspired by a flower bed.

A Loopnet page for the existing strip mall is still advertising leases with a 60 month term.



Renowned architecture firm creates organic design to complement the development’s surroundings

MIAMI (Feb. 8, 2016) – Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates, Inc. (NBWW), an award-winning, internationally-recognized architecture firm, is proud to announce it will design 18, the newest high-rise luxury condo and retail development proposed by Karam Group in collaboration with Claro Development.

Located on the corner of S.W. 8th Street and S. Miami Avenue, the 76-story tower will feature 65,000 square-feet of retail space encompassing four levels, 392 condo units, indoor parking, and breathtaking views of this burgeoning enclave in downtown Miami.

“We’re thrilled to be selected as the architect for 18, which is sure to be one of the most architecturally-compelling structures to rise in downtown Miami,” said Igor Reyes, partner at NBWW. “For the design, we were inspired by the natural growth and development of a flower bed where every flower is competing for sunlight. The tower begins with a determined foot print and then spreads and completes its full geometry as it reaches the top, offering spectacular, unobstructed views while showing consideration to its surroundings.”



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An architect is claiming their own project will be one of the most compelling in the area?!?!?! No way!!!!

Here is a tip: It doesn’t count as a compliment when you say it about yourself.


But this architect is right!


i hope those 60 month lease terms go away. I can’t take another 5 years of that vomit inducing strip mall.


Go sign one and keep your fingers crossed for a 7 finger pay day when they have to buy you out to build it.


This is our version of a modern empire state building or sears tower! Miami is like a future version of Manhattan or Chicago except a little more exciting than those two.


And sexier!


I’ve been to NYC and Chicago this past year and those are pretty cool cities but Miami is just on a whole different level!




They call Miami Manhattan south for a reason! The only major difference between Miami and NYC is our transit system isn’t as good but we’ll get there eventually!


What? Is that the only difference you see?? They have nothing in common!!! Just because we have a couple of buildings does not make Miami being like NYC…
Some idiot once called Miami, the Manhattan of the South refering to the number of banks we have in Miami and from that point, we Miamians have been using that quote left and right…and it is not even fair to compare Miami with NYC. Our city is way too young, we don’t have the many layers you see in NYC’s building and neighborhoods and many of them are landmarks part of NY”s history.


NYC may have older buildings here we have new modern sleek futuristic buildings so of course it’s goin to look a bit different. but at pedestrian level Manhattan and Miami are the same level when it comes to urbanity but Miami is a little more vibrant.


All of you comparing Miami to New York City, Stop dreaming, Miami is still considered small compared to NYC with a quarter of the vibrancy.


You’re joking right? Miami lacks the long standing cultural institutions that NYC has. You cannot even compare the two. In Miami, there’s no equivalent of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Moma, Whitney, Guggenheim, Broadway theatre, Columbia University, Museum of Natural History and the literally 1000s of other cultural institutions and attractions.


That’s the point! They each have their own thing and vibe going on. Miami has it’s own cultural institutions that NYC doesn’t come close to or just plain lacks. While it’s true that Miami is smaller in area but other than that as far as people per capita Miami may actually be more ahead in culture and what not than NYC is. In some cases NYC is actually trying to emulate MIAMI. Most people will agree that Miami even has a little more name recognition than NYC in areas outside the U.S.


They may be serious about this project given that they just announced the developers! Cheers!


60 months?!? lol


Seriously, its going to be worse than walking in Manhattan in just a few short years, because even if they widen the streets, just the amount of cars goin in and out will be remarkable.

Yet Another Anonymous

Yup, since all these sky suburbs feature so much “indoor parking”. But also, walking in Miami is already much worse and much more dangerous than Manhattan. But if you’re a “crime is worse now than ever” type, then I shouldn’t bother with a fact.


That’s just city life period. Miami is one of the most vibrant urban areas in the country so we just have to learn to take the good with the bad.


The true….. is just an amazing design !!!! … but , with all the resales of the upcoming units in the few months ahead , will take some years to be profitable to be built …..


Wontbhappen for another 5 or 6 years..lotanof inventory to be absorbed first


Nice project aside from the parking. I’ll miss Sandwicherie 🙁


I still don’t see what the big deal is about.


The big deal is there is no other building that looks like this anywhere!!!