Architecture Critic: Brickell City Centre A ‘New Model For Urban Shopping’

Brickell City Centre is being praised by an architecture critic for the way that it blends with the urban fabric of Miami.

Alastair Gordon praised the decision of the architects and developers to keep the mixed-use project open air, merging it with the city streetscape rather than altering it. Instead of being a “soulless, hermetically-sealed mall,” the project opens to and adds to the vibrancy of the city, he wrote.

Gordon also wrote positively about the shapes, materials, colors, and landscaping that the architects chose. The Climate Ribbon is the most memorable element of the project, he wrote.

Most of the exterior is clad with aluminum coated with metallic gray automobile paint. Floors are also a shade of gray.

Arquitectonica, once known for tropical colors, is the project architect.




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Proud of BCC.. nice addition to Miami.


I have been to BCC a number of times and although at first I was not a fan of all the grey, I have to admit it has grown on me. As more businesses open the grey has become the background canvas to the color inside the stores and restaurants. I can definitely agree with Alastair Gordon.


You’re the typical critic who concentrates on the negatives and doesn’t look beyond until someone else with a keen eye brings it to light. Don’t jump to judge so quickly would be my advice. BCC will be the envy of other US cities even with all the shades of grey.


Oh wow, behold something that’s extremely rare everybody, a “nonjudgmental” person.


I didn’t say I was nonjudgemental.
Just optimist




Of course you love BBC, but you could take BCC is a great mall.


LMFAO! This comment literally gave me life…


I think Arquitectonica did a great job with BCC.


Wow, lots of highly bruised egos reading these posts.
Anyway- BCC is a great example of serious thought before action in an urban development. Time and serious summer weather will be a test to the a/c ribbon.
The confluence of residences, retail, commercial and hotel are a great fit for Brickell.
Hooray for Miami!


I’m glad you guys are arguing about this, the subject of grammar. It shows that there are people out here commenting who do care about and appreciate at least a bit of intellect.


I love this mall! I think that it’s one of the best urban malls in the USA and even internationally. The attention to detail, the way it syncs the indoor with the outdoor and environment adds to its uniqueness and elevates it to the top of the pack. Kudos to Swire Properties!


You never been around the world and see other Malls or you are an enthusiastic swire employee trying to sell some units


Love the design…concerned about the viability.


I’ve only visited once and was struck by the austere feel of the corridors and open areas. There is an awkward not human friendly feel about them.


Mr Gordon should come in the summer

Thanks for the stores that keep their door open , they cool the air

What did the Coi Fish did wrong to be punished to be in a grey boring concrete box with no vegetation and water falls

Safe the COI Fish, the are old and majestic and deserve better housing!!!!

The landscaping is cheap, boring, low maintenance perennials that any landscaping person from Homestead will use in a house with a restricted budget for plants

Some of the plants belong in to a dental office

The stores are nicely expensive …… how long they will last in a neighborhood that although is up scaling and well to do still can’t afford 900$ for a blouse or 880$ for a pair of shoes

Bal harbor Shops already have the exclusive to sell expensive items to the wives of corrupts Latin American politicians that use the money the Monetary international Bank lend to their countries to build infrastructure and vaccinate children

My dog always confuses the COI pond with a place to drink water, put some water lilies there please


Mr. Koi–if you’re going to spew nonsense, at least attempt to spell it correctly…


God, such bad grammar. I can barely understand what you have wrote. No one cares about your opinion and we don’t care what school you went to for your crappy architecture degree and how you know so much about what “real” architecture is: The fact is, you don’t.

PS. Koi*


My grammar is as bad as your sense of humor


Merging with the city streetscape?! They literally turned their backs to the street frontages!!! Walking along 7th and 8th is miserable now, they spent so much focus on the INSIDE of the mall that there are fire suppression systems literally blocking 50% of the sidewalk at two different places on 8th street. But hey! It’s new and has fancy stores, so who cares that it’s actually the one of the worst urban shopping models I’ve ever seen.


Get back to posting about MWC


Lmao Marc is such a hater. Always trying to show how MWC is a better project than BCC. Just no. Go over to the MWC article and comment


Wish I could give you 20 thumbs up. This is so true. The sidewalks are narrow.. and it’s so dark under S Miami Ave…


I’m surprised the drab color palette was well-received


Grey’s are in fashion..Lol.




“Grey and gray are both accepted in the English language. They refer to a color of a neutral tone between black and white, and can also be used metaphorically to convey gloom and dullness. However, gray is the more popular spelling in the US, while grey reigns supreme in the UK.” — Google

So if you’re done being petty, you can sit your ass back down. I’m very prolific in the English grammar, thanks.

anonymous rex



Then you shouldn’t have used an apostrophe.


You are seriously making yourself look more pathetic every time you comment.

If you are going to educate anyone on anything, please enlighten us all by showing us what needs to be corrected, instead of being passive and state something useless and stupid like: “Then you shouldn’t have used an apostrophe”.

And as for my replies towards you, I see no apostrophe used that shouldn’t be used.


Just ignore the pathetically ignorant


Regular nouns are nouns that form their plurals by adding either the letter s or es (guy, guys; letter, letters; actress, actresses; etc.). To show plural possession, simply put an apostrophe after the s. Rule 2b. Do not use an apostrophe + s to make a regular noun plural.



P.S. I wouldn’t have commented (and was not the original commenter), but you opened the door with your pseudo-pedanticism. Leave that to the pros (not pro’s).


First of all, that comment was not written by me. Obviously if you can read, you would be able to see who wrote what by the fact that my posts contained my name, SAMUEL, in it. So again, you’re barkin down the wrong tree and making yourself seem insignificant and idiotic. So sit back down.


Take some yoga class
No reason to be nasty and ofensive in your replies, take Nexium

I might have bad grammar and I understand people might not like my posts and koi is with K, mister knows it all, but like they say in my native language French

“Au plus haute trône du monde, nous ne sommes assis que sur notre cul”


Very well said…
People with no clue of the versatility of English jump to conclusions that ultimately is embarrassing


People that praise their qualities and skill lack the most important of all them


The architect is aware of this, which is why some of the grey plates are being painted a lighter color along with replacing some of them with live moss. They’ve been working on this for months and is drastically changing the “drab” look.


Haven’t been there in two months.


you are the only one that didn’t recieve it well….what color do you prefer pink or peach?