Arquitectonica-Designed Residential Project Proposed on 41st Street In Miami Beach

In Miami Beach, a residential building is proposed behind two office buildings on the corner of 41st Street and Pine Tree Drive, including the HSBC Bank building

Plans call for 49 residential units, with 72,969 square feet of sellable space. A pool deck will be located on the roof. Also included is a garage with 131 parking spaces, with some of the spaces in a mechanical garage.

The mechanical garage and project size of over 50,000 square feet require approval from the city’s Planning Board, scheduled to be heard on May 24.

Caton Owner, LLC is the developer. Chen Lamdan, Sarah Boymelgreen, and Shmuel Boymelgreen each own 33.33% of the company, which is managed by Menachem Boymelgreen.

Arquitectonica is the architect.