This Is Arquitectonica’s Conceptual Design For ‘Iconic’ Capital At Brickell

Arquitectonica founder Bernardo Fort-Brescia traveled to Hangzhou, China last week and met with China City Construction Holding Group officials to discuss plans for their upcoming Capital at Brickell project.

The two sides discussed aviation height limits, parking ratios, and other architectural details for Capital at Brickell. Fort-Brescia presented four conceptual design drafts for review by China City officials.

Conveniently, Arquitectonica has an office in nearby Shanghai.

This was the second meeting between the two sides. A China City delegation, including development group chief Haibo Pan, met with Fort-Brescia for the first time in Miami recently, where they discussed their development intention, layout and other project details. Pan is scheduled to return to Miami in late June to meet with Fort-Brescia again.

On their recent Miami visit, China City representatives also met with architect Jonathan Cardello of ADD Inc. Cardello showed Pan four condo projects that his firm had designed and planned in Miami. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on construction costs, highest and best use of the land, architectural design, and construction time frames.

China City said last week that Capital at Brickell will be an ‘iconic’ project.

The company is also in talks to develop a project at Worldcenter, and signed a deal with law firm Greenberg Traurig who will handle legal matters pertaining to the projects.


Arquitectonica’s early conceptual designs for Capital at Brickell:




Previous Capital at Brickell design, now scrapped:

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I hope the new design has a finished crown top. Miami lacks buildings with a crown top. The original concept had a stunning crown top. Architectonica should not overlook that….


Crown tops are one of the least interest on a lot people’s minds in Miami when it comes to hearing “Arquitectonica’s name in connection with plans for this project.


I groaned when I read Arquitectonica would be designing it. The early renderings are hard to see any details, but I can only assume it will be “one of the same” of the generic boxes they are known for — nothing “iconic” about Arquitectonica’s portfolio.

Too bad, because the original concepts (from Fullerton-Diaz) were so beautiful.


Well, keep your fingers crossed, because the article also states “On their recent Miami visit, China City representatives also met with architect Jonathan Cardello of ADD Inc.”

Hopefully, there could be some competition.


Good point, thanks. I’ll keep some hope…


Absolutely ZERO “iconic” stuff in those pictures of Arquitectonica presentation. Lame as usual.


Bring back the original designs!!! They are iconic.


Just came from Hong Kong and was impress with the new buildings designed by the IM Pei and KPF’s of the world, including the International Finance Center, the International Commerce Center or The Bank of China Tower. If this group wants to contribute to this City it should help bring something beautiful… Something magnificent.

This rendering from Architectonica looks like an extension of Brickell Heights Tower 4 and 5. Very boring buildings.

This is a great corner that deserves a great landmark building. Come on China… Built something nice.


They should do one HUGE building in the center of the lot with several medium sized buildings surrounding it to make it “iconic”, the whole twin tower concept has been overdone in Miami (plaza, icon, 1050/1060, axis, paraiso bay, 500 brickell, brickell on the river, one brickell, the new river towers, etc etc etc)


Another horrendous design from Arquitectonica.. Makes me so sad to go somewhere like Chicago and see literally dozens of buildings with creativity like Jeanne Gang’s incredible Aqua tower and then compare that to Miami. To be fair, there are some interesting projects happening, but Arq has been resting on its laurels. Time for new energy — time for a new architectural hegemon in the city.


Memo to our Chinese friends: please ban anyone from Arquitectonica from entering the premises. Nothing good will come out of it.


Another uninspiring design to add to the list. Arquitectonica lost its mojo a long time ago and it’s time for developers to look elswhere for originality and world-class artistic and architectural innovation.


Arquitectonica may not be on the bleeding edge of design but they do good work and all of us in Miami should be happy to have competent people like them in our community. PS _ I have no skin in this game. just MHOP


They have terrible designs.