This Is Arquitectonica’s Conceptual Design For ‘Iconic’ Capital At Brickell

Arquitectonica founder Bernardo Fort-Brescia traveled to Hangzhou, China last week and met with China City Construction Holding Group officials to discuss plans for their upcoming Capital at Brickell project.

The two sides discussed aviation height limits, parking ratios, and other architectural details for Capital at Brickell. Fort-Brescia presented four conceptual design drafts for review by China City officials.

Conveniently, Arquitectonica has an office in nearby Shanghai.

This was the second meeting between the two sides. A China City delegation, including development group chief Haibo Pan, met with Fort-Brescia for the first time in Miami recently, where they discussed their development intention, layout and other project details. Pan is scheduled to return to Miami in late June to meet with Fort-Brescia again.

On their recent Miami visit, China City representatives also met with architect Jonathan Cardello of ADD Inc. Cardello showed Pan four condo projects that his firm had designed and planned in Miami. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on construction costs, highest and best use of the land, architectural design, and construction time frames.

China City said last week that Capital at Brickell will be an ‘iconic’ project.

The company is also in talks to develop a project at Worldcenter, and signed a deal with law firm Greenberg Traurig who will handle legal matters pertaining to the projects.


Arquitectonica’s early conceptual designs for Capital at Brickell:




Previous Capital at Brickell design, now scrapped: