ArquitectonicaGEO Proposes WynwoodWalks As Part Of Streetscape Master Plan: First Look

Landscape design firm ArquitectonicaGEO wants to transform the Wynwood area with a proposal called WynwoodWalks, as part of a streetscape master plan that the firm is creating for the neighborhood, commissioned by the city.

WynwoodWalks would become a network of pathways, edge parks, woonerfs, and a wellness loop connecting the entire neighborhood.

Three living streets known as woonerfs are proposed, including NW 3rd Avenue (already in design by Brooklyn’s Local Office Landscape), NW 1st Avenue, and NW 1st Place. Those streets would be primarily designed for pedestrians and cyclists and as a social gathering space.

At the eastern and western edges of the neighborhood, two linear parks spanning .59 and .46 miles are proposed, with wellness amenities and a focus on connecting to nature. One park would run along the Brightline rail tracks first built by Henry Flagler and would be known as Flagler Trail.

A network of linear parkways with oversized medians containing art and landscaping is also proposed, including North Miami Avenue and NW 29th Street which connects to Midtown Miami.

For the remainder of the neighborhood, shade trees were on top of the most wanted list when community surveys were conducted, ArquitectonicaGEO reported. “Tierrita designs,” with parklets, groves, and bioswales are also planned.

The preliminary presentation is below. It was first publicly presented at a community meeting on December 11.

The ArquitectonicaGEO team visiting the area earlier this year:

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Visionary and transformative!??


Negative. Atlanta has one similar… called the Beltline. Still great for Miami but not new concept.


Can’t wait for a metromover station in Wynwood! It’ll make it even more walkable and able to host bigger events.


esperalo sentado! its gonna be a while!


I can’t wait from a Coast Link stop, which will actually happen and is more feasible.


they have n’t proposed a metromover station to wynwood. that’s only on your dreams


Downvoted for no reason because it is the truth.

In all of our dreams except the politicians. The same ones we elect and are supposed to represent our views but obv don’t in regards to public transportation.


There are developers building parking garages. How about possibly getting rid of all on street parking and creating bus/trolley lanes?


Definitely think removing on-street parking on NW 2nd Ave and N Miami Ave is a must. But not sure it’s needed on the east-west side-Streets in the neighborhood.

However, on side-Streets that have parking on both sides, I’d definitely be in favor of removing parking on the one side in order to expand the sidewalks on both sides of the streets, as well as adding landscaping/trees.

The sidewalks in Wynwood suck.
The street-parking situation in Wynwood sucks.
The lack of trees/shade/landscaping sucks.
Powerlines and poles everywhere – in various states of disrepair – suck. BURY THEM ALL!


I like the path along the rail and 95 I think something like a high line (elevated trail linking the rail trail to the 95 trail all without Wynwood would really transform this area maybe that’s a lil too progressive lol


Charlotte has one along light rail path that is really popular with dog walkers, bikers, and now electric scooters.


Great ideas! I really wish they’d figure out some North/South pedestrian cut-through’s on NW 23rd, 24th, & 25th Streets between N Miami Ave & NW 2nd Ave, it would help the businesses on those streets. There’s already open space for it to the east of J. Wakefield, where the power lines run:,-80.1972432,3a,90y,180.63h,86.59t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjJh2BmJTdp_aJnLtwk5ByA!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Related has a breezeway designed in their new Wynwood 25 project, which will accomplish similar pedestrian connections to the west of 2nd Ave.


I also looked at those lots with the powerlines on them and hope the lines could be buried one day and that space used.


Once again they are not correctly implementing a bike line. Put the parking on the outside and the bike lane on the inside. That way we don’t have morons in Miami double parked on the bike lane like on SE 1st street.


One of those “morons” are going to run you and your bicycle over for calling them that.


Already been hit by a car. I can say from experience its not fun.


They already run bikes over because they are Morons!!! not because someone calls them that!


Yes, in Miami drivers run into bicycles because they don;t like the way they ride. Latin American driving.


SE 1 st is mostly useless because in addition to the parking being to the left (because of the mover columns) there are like 7 garage entrances, cops and delivery vehicles double park, it’s a shared left turn lane every intersection, and it goes from nowhere to nowhere. It was the absolute worst thought-out bike lane I have ever seen. It would be fine without all of those issues and if it connected to ANY bike lane network at all, even with parking on the left.


WOW. Transforms the neighborhood. Hopefully one day our local idiot politicians will add a couple stops on each end of Wynwood, one next to Kush (20th street) and the other on 29th street.


Wynwood winning!

Market Urbanist

Smug jackasses who think they’re more clever than they really are.


I guess this guy, Market Urbanist, is our new resident keyboard badass.

Go play with your little sister wimp.




This is AWESOME!, We need a lot more of this in Miami.


Me encanta, excelente proyecto!

Steven Dloogoff

Please looks exciting. It would be show where the Moishe Mana property is located in Wynwood, and how this all fits together.


“Please looks exciting?”


These things are all good and many actually don’t require hiring Arquitectonica or a Brooklyn firm to design. Just PUT IN THE BIKE LANES. There is space. And the parts that do benefit from pro design should be repeated across the entire city not just this potemkin arts district.

Also we already have many terms for pedestrian mall/peatonal/paseo, no need to introduce a goofy Dutch word. Jesus. But whatever they’re called, glad it’s happening.


Did a genius do these renderings?


What really jumps out at me is the “future I95 exit”. That is what all of the smoke and mirrors is about. I think the one thing that would destroy Wynwood’s walkability is an I 95 exit.