Arquitectonica’s Late And Faulty Plans Cost Millions, Claims Lawsuit

Arquitectonica is being sued by Micky Arison’s Basketball Properties Limited, the operator of the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena.

According to the Miami Herald, the lawsuit claims that Arquitectonica ‘self-aggrandizement turned out to be fiction,’ and that the firm’s mistakes resulted in millions of dollars worth of cost overruns. Delayed and error-filled plans caused ‘chaos’ on the construction site.

The lawsuit also claims that Arquitectonica principal Laurinda Spear insisted on using a fabric that the manufacturer warned wasn’t designed to be used in an arena, resulting in ‘deplorable’ looking seats within a short time. The fabric had to be replaced at a cost of $800,000.

In total, the lawsuit claims that the full amount of damages is $17 million. Arquitectonica’s insurer at the time is in liquidation.