Asian Passenger Airline To Serve MIA Within 24 Months, Will Make ‘A Bundle’

Miami-Dade Aviation Department director Emilio Gonzalez is predicting that Miami will have a nonstop flight to east Asia within 24 months, according to the SFBJ.

Gonzalez told an IATA conference last week that the flight may not be to mainland China, since many of the Chinese investors who visit Miami have their own private jets. Tokyo is also closer, he said.

Miami is the largest U.S. Metro without a direct flight to east Asia.

The first east Asian airline at MIA will “make a small bundle,” he predicted, citing the success of Qatar Airways. Loads on the Miami-Doha flight are among the highest of any at MIA, thanks to onward connections at Doha that feed to 40 cities. First class tickets go for $15,000, he claimed (Qatar only operates a business class cabin to MIA, not first.)

The airport is also planning to redevelop cargo city to allow for more efficient transfers, and has applied for free trade zone status.