Aston Martin Residences Files Notice Of Commencement

A Notice of Commencement has been filed with the county by the developers of the 66-story Aston Martin Residences, indicating the start of construction.

The filing lists a Phased Foundation Permit as getting underway at the site, located at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way.

Sofía Coto signed the document on behalf of the developer on August 10.

The developer has previously announced that construction would begin this fall. An application with the FAA remains pending for an 816-foot building height.

Coastal Construction is listed as the contractor.


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This is by far my favorite tower.


Let’s do it. I want to see this beauty get up there already. I can’t wait to see what the skyline will be looking like in a few years with all these new towers especially Brickell CitiCentre and One Bayfront Plaza.

anonymous rex

love this tower.


Some thought this project wasn’t happening.. Lol


Don’t get ahead of yourself. A foundation permit allows them to start digging holes while holding out for more pre-sales. They don’t have financing that anyone is aware of and don’t be surprised if there is a hole on this site for a while…


In Miami that allows you to keep building, then ask for a building permit after.


They are self financing the project….


Start construction and hope it creates enough buzz.


And hope some archaeologist doesn’t find an animal bone and some micro chips of broken pottery to shut the whole thing down.


sure, thats what they all say


If only MDM were as innovative as this with Met Square and Monarc at Met3. Sure they’re not as luxurious as this development, but Met 1 looks so much better and complements it like Epic and older buildings like the Southeast Financial Center.


With prices going down , they pretend to sell at 2600 $ per sf ???


Will Rick Ross live there?


Uh, Maybach Music?


I am so happy of that news


Woohoo, looking forward to the massive discounts at Epic.


Discounts at epic 🙂 Aston starts at $2600 a foot. I would think that Epic owners are ecstatic since there’s nothing listed at $1300 a foot. Epic’s average of $800ish a foot is going to look dirt cheap. It helps Epic, doesn’t hurt it IMHO.


It certainly helps Epic’s views …. 😉 #Not