Aston Martin Residences Files To Install Two Cranes, Up To 889 Feet High

Two tower cranes could soon be installed at the Aston Martin Residences construction site.

According to a July filing with the Federal Aviation Administration, one of the cranes would become (temporarily) the tallest structure in the city. The first crane would rise 889 feet, or 887 feet above sea level. The second would rise 851 feet, or 849 feet above sea level.

Review by the agency is still pending.

Aston Martin Residences itself is approved by the FAA at a height of 816 feet above ground, or 820 feet above sea level. It is set to become the second tallest building in Miami, behind only the 868-foot Panorama Tower

Construction began in October 2017.


the construction site last on september 2, a weekend: