At 400 Biscayne, Plans For A 704-Unit Tower Advance

Property Markets Group and Greybrook Realty Partners are moving forward with plans to build a massive apartment tower at 400 Biscayne.

The new tower will be part of PMG’s X Social Communities division, which offers high-tech and highly amenitized buildings, with larger common areas and smaller units.

The developers completed a deal with Miami-Dade County this week to bring water and sewer utilities to the site. According to the agreement, the project will include:

  • 704 apartment units
  • 20,508 house of worship
  • 2,531 square feet of retail
  • 1,091 square feet of fast food

A 27,984-square-foot house of worship currently on the site is being demolished, the agreement states. The developers have previously said that they will rebuild the First United Methodist Church, as part of their $55m purchase of the property.

Just one block away at 300 Biscayne, the developers are about to open the 464-unit X Miami, also a part of the PMGx portfolio. Miami New Times held their Best of Miami 2018 Party there last week.


initial renderings, subject to change: