Audi Cars Will Have A Red Light Countdown Clock, Working In Miami Next Year

You will soon be able to tell see exactly how long the wait will be every time you are stopped at a red light.

Starting this fall, Audi will install Traffic light information systems on certain models. The technology connects with the infrastructure controlling traffic lights, and provides a countdown clock on the dashboard at every red light.

In the Miami area, there are four agencies managing traffic signals (Palm Beach County, City of Boca Raton, Broward County, and Miami-Dade). Between all four agencies, there are 4,793 signalized intersections, with 3,593 of those eligible for the technology.

Traffic Technology Services, Inc. of Oregon is partnering with Audi to offer the service. The company has business partnerships with the vendor supplying the Advanced Transportation Management System in Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Broward, and is in negotiations with the vendor that manages Miami-Dade.

A representative of the company said that they would like to provide service in Miami by summer 2017.