Audio: These Are The Celebrity Announcements You’ll Seen Be Hearing At Miami International Airport On A Rotating Basis

Passengers at Miami International Airport will soon be greeted by announcements from local celebrities.

The messages are being recorded by artists, athletes and local personalities. The first have already been recorded by former Heat players Alonzo Mourning and Udonis Haslem, along with singer Willy Chirino and telenovela star Jencarlos Canela.

MIA’s overhead announcement system inside the terminals will play the recordings throughout the day on a rotating basis in both English and Spanish.

“We thank all of the hometown personalities who are participating in this campaign which is representative of our diverse community” said Lester Sola, MIA Director and CEO “We are excited that our 45 million passengers will now be greeted by these celebrities who call Miami home.”

Willy Chirino in English:

Willy Chirino in Spanish:

Jencarlos Canela in English:

Jencarlos Canela in Spanish: