Auto House Planned In Overtown, Will Include Car Galleries & Social Club

Louis Birdman and Jay Massirman are planning to build Auto House, where owners will be able to showcase and store their high-end cars.

The project will include five levels of auto galleries, where owners can showcase their cars. They are being sold fee-simple, and can accommodate 2-8 cars.

There will also be a robotic storage facility called Auto Suites. Cameras will allow owners to monitor their cars online, and the facility will be climate controlled, hurricane resistant, and have 24-hour security.

A members only social club will be located on the penthouse level. Autogallery owners will get one year complimentary membership.

Birdman told Toys for Boys that there is demand for the facility, and several units have already been reserved.

The project site is 375 NW 7th Street, next to I-95 in Overtown.