Baywalk From American Airlines Arena To Bayside Is Under Construction

You’ll soon be able to walk from Bayside to the American Airlines Arena without crossing the busy intersection at the entrance to PortMiami.

Construction is now underway on the portion of the baywalk that passes underneath the port bridge. A baywalk is already in place at the area behind the arean, known as Parcel B.

To continue to Museum Park, Pedestrians will still have to walk towards Biscayne Boulevard because of a small inlet.

Further up, the baywalk is eventually expected to connect from Museum Park to the Resorts World Miami property and on into Edgewater with a new path under the proposed Signature Bridge.


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How to get there:


start at bayside:

walk through a parking lot next to bayside:

cross the railroad track:

walk next to the barbed wire fence:

emerge on the other side of the bridge:

baywalk at parcel b:

the view: