Beckham Group Reveals New Park Renderings, Submits Lease To City

David Beckham’s partners at Miami Freedom Park have unveiled a new website with renderings of a proposed park and details of lease proposal newly submitted to the city.

“We look forward to working with the City of Miami to finalize the voter-approved, fair-market-value lease agreement that provides residents with an expansive public park, 11,000 construction jobs, 2,300 permanent jobs and more than $40 million in tax revenue, while using zero City taxpayer dollars,” said Jorge Mas, managing owner of Inter Miami CF.

The terms of the draft lease agreement mirror commitments made by Miami Freedom Park to the community, the group said, and include:

  • 99-year lease with annual rent payments of no less than $3.5 million (based on a third-party fair-market-value appraisal)
  • The creation of a 58-acre public park and 11 soccer fields
  • Payment of the full cost of remediation of the property to permit for public use of the park
  • The construction of Inter Miami CF’s home stadium, entertainment and retail space, office tech hub and hotel at no cost to City taxpayers
  • Living-wage salary for employees
  • A commitment to complete creation of the public park at the same time or prior to completing construction of the stadium

Miami Freedom Park has also submitted a Community Benefits Agreement to the city, including $5 million for the City’s Riverwalk/Baywalk project, $20 million for park maintenance and free access to the soccer fields at Miami Freedom Park for City of Miami youth. The owners of Inter Miami CF and Miami Freedom Park have also finalized a relocation agreement with the First Tee program.

Over the past several months, Miami Freedom Park representatives have gone door to door and held neighborhood meetings in the Grapeland Heights community, where the project will be built.

Inter Miami is collaborating with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to bring free soccer programming to Miami, including soccer clinics, mini-pitch facilities and more opportunities to engage with the Club. They have also built a U.S. Soccer Development Academy that will begin play in September for the 2019-20 season, to be formed solely of South Florida players.