Beckham Has Backup Plan For Soccer Stadium, Site Next To Marlins Stadium Will ‘Probably’ Blow Up

If plans to build a soccer stadium next to Marlins Park fail, David Beckham has a backup site somewhere in Miami- but he isn’t saying where.

A Beckham representative told the Herald that they are in talks to buy several properties next to Marlins Stadium, and have offered above market value for those sites.  The Marlins ability to dictate naming, parking rights and other factors makes it “one of the most difficult” MLS stadium deals ever done, however.

Beckham is in negotiations with the Dade School Board to take ownership of the stadium to gain tax-free status. Some activists have said that the underused School Board headquarters property near the Arsht Center in downtown Miami is ideal for the stadium, but Beckham reps haven’t publicly mentioned the possibility of building there.

Update: Beckham’s partner said that property owners next to Marlins Stadium are asking unreasonable prices, and “they probably will blow this deal up.”


dade school board (photo:phillip pessar/flickr)