New Details About Beckham’s $220 Million Overtown Stadium

Tim Leiweke of Miami Beckham United gave a presentation tonight on what the group is planning for a new soccer stadium.

  • It will be built without parking garages. The focus is on being pedestrian and mass transit friendly, and they count almost 7,000 spaces already in the area.
  • Cost is expected to be about $220 million. A new financial backer will be announced soon.
  • There will be about 25,000 seats.
  • Seats will be covered by a roof. They want the field itself to be under open air for a quality natural turf.
  • The stadium will be LEED certified, and the focus is on making it as environmentally friendly as possible.
  • They will be assessed and pay property taxes. No government or CRA subsidies whatsoever.
  • There won’t be a retail or restaurant component in the stadium. They want area shopping and retail to thrive, and not be contained within the stadium.


Concept stadium from Marlins Stadium site, moved to Overtown. Leiweke guarantees the new stadium won’t look like this: