Bidding Opens For Unified Branding Of Riverwalk & Baywalk

Miami’s DDA is seeking proposals to brand Miami’s Baywalk and Riverwalk.

The project has an estimated budget of $300,000. According to notes from a Q&A session, the city is separately considering a $25 million bond for the baywalk.

The Miami DDA is currently seeking proposals from interested and qualified consultant teams, to develop a brand identity for the Miami Baywalk-Riverwalk, identify and develop a unifying design element or palette of elements to be incorporated into the existing landscape/hardscape, and an implementation & maintenance strategy.

No other project on the waterfront has the potential of transforming our Downtown, celebrate Miami’s unique heritage, create access from our diverse neighborhoods to the waterfront, and generate a legacy for generations to come.

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DDA really should encompass all of Edgewater/Midtown/Wynwood…


And it would be insane if this just stopped at the Women’s Club, instead of continuing to 195…but it would also be Miami as fck.


The proper wordage would be:”Miami AF”…just FYI.


Yes to shade trees, grass, and human scale. No to Supertree knock-offs, miles of concrete, and meaningless modernist urban design which is uninviting to everybody but the homeless, stunt skateboarders, and BMXers.

Ben Grimm

I’m absolutely sure the homeless don’t feel all that invited anywhere… especially “modernist urban” anywheres.


Epic Marina is open already!

Yet Another Anonymous

That map only shows the non access sites in the immediate downtown area, not nearly the whole stretch from Rickenbacker to Julia Tuttle.


Because that’s what’s encompassed in the project/RFP since those are the Miami DDA boundaries.


So who knows if the project would actually continue past those boundaries. Otherwise, who’s it up to–Related, who have just used the Baywalk renderings to market something they probably never plan to build?


This is a good start, I just hope the surface is smooth so people can enjoy walking, skating, and jogging on it. Build it!

Yohan Perez

FYI #4 is just opened a few days ago and also the port bridge underpass between AAA and Bayside also opened 2 weeks ago. That leaves #1,2,3 to be desperately done asap. At least the downtown area will become one and the rest can follow.


It would be great to get Women’s Club added soon – connect Baywalk to Margaret Pace Park. Should be required as part of the restaurant/lounge work.


I didn’t read the entire RFP but I believe it is a great idea to have a cohesive river walk and bay walk instead of relying on developers to do whatever they want…God forbids Melo to buy one of this sites…hehe. I remember when One Miami river walk was nice but 10 years later looks a little dated.
they should also incorporate mature trees and less palm trees for real sun protection.


“God forbids Melo to buy one of – this – sites?”

God forbids you teach your kids proper grammar.