Miami International Airport Preparing To Reveal Big Expansion Plans

Update: The full plans have now been revealed.


Miami International Airport officials are set to unveil plans this week for a massive renovation and expansion plan that will cost billions.

Officials say the expansion will set the stage for an era of growth at the airport, and improve the customer experience.

The capital improvement plans will cost between $4 and $5 billion, and take between 5 and 15 years to develop between now and 2035.

The plans include:

Central Terminal – A renovated check in hall will include a raised ceiling, allowing for more natural light. There will also be additional circulation and queuing depth for check in counters, similar to the North and South Terminal.

A larger, centralized security checkpoint will serve both Concourses E and F. New concession areas will be built past the checkpoint, along with larger holdrooms and new concession space in Concourse F. Passengers will have access to all gates behind security.

Concourse G is to be demolished.

North Terminal – Gates will be optimized to accommodate new aircraft. American Airlines has informed the airport of plans to retire the Boeing 767. The aircraft parking plan between gates D14 and D37 will be updated to accommodate wider aircraft such as the 777-300 The North Terminal frontage will be optimized for narrow-body and widebody aircraft, which are available in AA’s fleet beyond 2022.

Regional Jet Facility (North Terminal) – known as the Gate D60 Project — AA’s “American Eagle“ commuter facility (located at Gate D60 in Concourse D) will be upgraded to house an increasing number of flights by larger regional jets. Currently, these aircraft create congestion inside the terminal and on the ramp. Gate D60 will be renovated to accommodate the largest regional jets, as well as narrow-body aircraft, and will also provide spacious holdrooms with new concession offerings.

South Terminal – The South Terminal will be expanded to accommodate three new jumbo aircraft gates, including an apron expansion that will provide aircraft parking for an additional three widebody jets.

Two New Hotels – In a plan reminiscent of last decade’s “Airport City” proposal, two new hotels will be built on airport grounds, to be developed privately through competitive bidding.

Both will be connected to the MIA Mover train system as well as the terminals.

The first hotel will be built at the existing short-term parking deck and former heliport, an area that is a transit core in front of the MIA Mover station. It will include a  business and conference center with exhibition space, premium meetings rooms and an auditorium.

The second hotel will be in front of the North Terminal, east of the Dolphin Garage. It will also be accessible by the MIA Mover.

Other plans include Cargo expansion, new roadways, a parking garage, and other facilities.

Miami-Dade’s Tourism and the Ports Committee is scheduled to hear a presentation on the proposal on May 15. Later, commissioners could be asked to reject a solicitation for a consultant to oversee 2016’s Terminal Optimization Program, and instead advertise for a consultant to oversee the new, wider-ranging plans.


Older plan for Airport City by Zyscovich Architects. Now, hotels will be built east (as before) and west (new) of the long term garages, but no development will take place on an easterly parcel at the airport’s entrance:

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Dan The Man

Finally plans on the airport expansion have come to life! Hopefully they get this done soon. If we want to be a world class city we need a world class airport! ?


Can’t start fast enough on the central terminal.


ca.’t wait for this to happen


So did they fire Zyscovich, because my God the second rendering with the jailhouse window hotel is hideous. If that’s what’s in store for the renovation, it’ll look worse than it is already within a decade.


So these renderings are from the last decade? The V support at the bottom of the hotel is that old? That’s the main design element of all the Brightline stations lol. Z is always so innovative cutting edge.


Shorter concouses, more parking, more seating, shorter walks. Get that useless train working! Stop letting the airlines design the airport and think of the travelers needs. The airport is not primarily a mall either. Cheers.




Is this a new plan? Not to long ago they were to demolish the entire Central Terminal, including Concoursed E, and F. Now all they are doing is renovating it.


So this is one reason NOT TO BUILD THE SOCCER STADIUM near this site. Traffic and congestion are epic now, so do we really want/need more disruption while trying to get away or come to this WORLD CLASS destination.


take the metrorail


I’ve tried. It doesn’t go to the airport terminals, it goes to the Multimodal Center. From the MetroRail platform, you schlep your luggage to a people mover.
That doesn’t go to the terminals either. It takes you to a station in the parking garage across from terminal E. From there, you schlep again to your actual terminal, a looong walk to American, for example.


With all due respect, and I knock Miami for it’s lack of ambition in infrastructure, but I’ve been to several airports in Asia and Europe including some where the city subway/metro has dedicated concourse stops and the diatances walked are pretty much the same. Its a short walk from the metro station to the MIA people mover, and then from the people mover to the terminals yes its a bit of a walk but not that much more than other airports. The big thumbs down of course is the lack of air conditioning on the walkways.


Yes. Because its world class!


So check this out,so far Miami international spent about 6 billion dollars on renovations in last 20 years.Another 5 billion will put the bill in 11 billion territory by the year 2035.The new airport in Istanbul to be finished in 2025 in 4 phases is capable of handling 200 million passengers a year and will cost 12 billion dollars.There are other examples like Beijing,brand new airport,possibly world largest about 12 billions dollars and so on.Putting the lipstick on the pig comes to mind over and over again,regarding Miami International.What is the final cost and what will be the result.


What about the overcrowded employee busses any plans for that because they’re horrible every day it takes 15 20 minutes to get to the parking lot


Worst Airport in America – and I’ve been to O’Hare.
Don’t get me wrong. The airport is pretty but, my God people, Install some power outlets in the chairs.
Learn how to lay out an airport that is less than half mile long without creating one gate which is actually 12 gates. D60, I’m looking at you.
The food was expensive and bad. My favorite conversation.
My flight was listed at one gate online and in my boarding pass and at another gate entirely – in another concourse on the flight information board. It seems they were powerless to change it as the gate people called the “main office” (whatever that means) and it never changed.
Baggage claim is 2 miles by foot from the gate. The moving sidewalks were broken for at least the week I was there.
Rental cars are another 2 miles further away and shoe-horned into a gigantic parking garage that is dark, wet & disorganized.

In short, the WORST airport in America.


I don’t care how many thumbs down people give you, in my opinion everything you said Steven is spot on!


These thumbs down people are most likely the “just build it” , “density gives me a raging hard on” crowd. MIA is, without a doubt, the worst airport I’ve ever encountered and I’ve flown in third world countries. It’s a national disgrace full of no-bid rigged contracts to a handful of insiders.. Not to mention the luggage carts which are FREE everywhere else in the world.. but Noooooooo… not in MIA where there’s a profit to be made for some commissioner’s brother in-law. !!!!


Agreed, as someone who travels through MIA 25-30x a year, my god I hate that place. Tons of workers yet no one can be bothered or knows english. North terminal is a nightmare due to the length and crowding.


I fly all the time. And no, MIA has its shortcomings, but it’s far from being the worst.


I can agree with about that. Anyone been to Newark’s airport?.. that place is really the pits!


Only because LaGuardia is Worst Airport Emeritus and no longer competing.


I think MIA, like most airports, is chaotic and annoying, but has a lot going for it compared to other major airports. 1) It is very close to downtown and the beach; 2) It has non-stop flights to pretty much everywhere except Asia; 3) Car rental center doesn’t require a bus ride; 4) easy parking; 5) doesn’t suck like O’Hare