With Billionaire Investor, Beckham Now Eager To Close On Final Piece Of Stadium Land

David Beckham is now eager to close a deal with the county for the final purchase of land needed for a soccer stadium, according to the Herald.

Late last month, billionaire investment banker Todd Boehly reportedly became an investor in the Beckham club, kickstarting negotiations with the county to finalize the deal.

Beckham and the county have agreed to a $9 million price for the three acres of land currently used by Dade Water and Sewer in Overtown. Beckham already closed on six acres across the street for $19 million.

A commission vote on the sale could have been held next week, but was delayed by commissioner Audrey Edmonson who demanded a public meeting with Overtown residents. Instead, the vote could be held in June.


stadium site already owned by beckham: