Commissioner: Biscayne Boulevard Rebuild Will Preserve Burle Marx Influence

Biscayne Boulevard’s sidewalks and medians feature colorful patterns by Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.

Burle Marx proposed the design in 1988, and Miami completed it around 20 years later, after his death.

Now, the city is considering rebuilding the boulevard to make it more pedestrian friendly. Miami’s DDA has been funding several studies on the matter, including one in 2011 and another in 2015. A $421,829 federal grant was awarded this month for yet another study.

Last week, Miami commissioner and DDA board member Ken Russell announced on Twitter that he was committed to preserving the Burle Marx influence in any redesign.

The project is included in FDOT’s five-year plan, according to Miami Today. It is opposed however by the Miami Parking Authority, who are worried about the loss of revenue from surface parking lots in the middle of the boulevard.





a 2015 study funded by the dda: