Brazilian Billionaire Proposes Miami Beach Condo Tower

A billionaire from Brazil is proposing to demolish a Miami Beach condo building and replace it with another one with fewer units.

Plans call for the 110-unit Marlborough House at 5775 Collins Avenue, a 12-story building completed in 1961, to be demolished.

The new 16-story condo would include 86 residential units and 185 parking spaces. All parking will be buried underground in a two-level garage.

Miami Beach Associates, LLC is the entity that submitted the plans to the city. 100% of the company is owned by Jose Isaac Peres, who is worth about $1.5 billion according to Forbes.

Peres controls Brazilian real estate company Multiplan, developer of the Il Villaggio condo on Ocean Drive completed in 1998.

Arquitectonica is the architect. Miami Beach’s Design Review Board has a meeting scheduled for June 6 when the plans will be considered.


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Good stuff. Exciting to think what the future of “condo canyon” will look like, although some may be too large to buy out. These smaller buildings’ days are numbered, one would think.


wow, gorgeous looking building. it does not look like the typical Arquitectonica garbage….they must have hired new talent!!!


Nice scale + parking underground.


Wouldn’t surprise me if someone from the city decides the old Marlborough House is historic and worth protecting…or some other excuse to prevent something nice from going up in its place. Just watch…


Agree. The City of Miami beach is trying to become more oppressive than Coral Gables. There is an anti-development fervor there that really hurts the average resident more than people realize.


Very nice.. they gave it a Buddhist temple design.


Wow I’m in love!


The City should require any new structure to conform with a new height to start elevating the City, for sea level rise.

Half of Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai, are built in places of former Ocean (man made Islands).


The first image looks like an optical illusion.


How does underground parking work next to the ocean?


they attempt to “seal” the volume, and pump water out. it’s expensive, but possible.


They freeze the water as they start excavation


Better get that permit in fast as the city is proposing a moratorium on underground parking.


I wonder what would be the finish of the wood ceiling. Hopefully not glossy because the specular reflection during the sunset would be a bit much, definitely more of matte of finish I would think. The colors of the interplay between the wood and the color of the setting sun on the western side seems like it would be interesting.


Arquitectonica has the balcony industry cornered.


Because balconies are great, especially deep ones like these.


The only place balconies can be considered non-essential would be cold climate cities. Miami’s climate is tropical therefore balconies are a big plus.


A square box building from the sixties will be destroyed. To build a new square box building

Is this is a Buddhist inspired building as someone commented … I never been in Asia !!!!!!!

One company builds a box with balconies and it’s horrendous another build the same and is great ….. balconies are on the eye of the beholder !!!

City Commissioner

The”box” was efficient in the sixties and the “box” is still efficient now. When you are buying units with prices per sq-ft, Im sure you would like to utilize every single sq-ft of the box you buy.
Curves create Dead-space.