A Breakdown Of Differences Between Fountain & Dancer Proposals For Signature Bridge

Here are some key differences between the two top-ranked Signature Bridge proposals, Fountain and Dancers, as analyzed by Andres Viglucci.

Fountain came out on top in FDOT’s rankings by just half a point.

  • Dancers has a new 3-acre park that would connect the Arsht Center with Museum Park and Metromover (and eventually a Beach Link stop), enabled by extending the cable-suspended bridge further east. Under the Fountain proposal, Museum Park remains blocked from Biscayne Boulevard by a support embankment.
  • Fountain clearance above Biscayne Boulevard is 27 feet, compared to 24 feet for Dancers. Overall length of bridge suspension for Dancers is longer though at 980 feet long, compared to 936 feet for Fountain, and the Dancer designers claim they are using a beveled design to allow more light and reduce sound underneath.
  • Dancers has two “sculptures” that top off at 350 feet above ground, compared to the tallest arch of 330 feet above ground for Fountain
  • Dancers widens the space between the eastbound and westbound bridge spans to 130 feet, reducing visual impact, allowing for open air in between, and eliminating the need to close and tear down an active bridge during construction. Fountain keeps the separation about the same as it is now.
  • Dancers entirely replaces a massive support embankment just west of North Miami Avenue with columns, allowing for a 2-acre open space. Fountain will still keep part of the earthen plug, resulting in less open space
  • Fountain would raise the western end of the project to 60 feet above ground (also thanks to the viaduct), versus the 30 feet proposed by Dancers, enabling more trees and light. As it moves east, both proposals end up at the same height.
  • Fountain would complete construction in four years instead of the five planned by Dancers, by building a separate viaduct for cars. The viaduct would also reduce the impact of construction on expressway drivers.