Brickell Avenue Bridge Will Soon Be Getting New Pedestrian Gates As FDOT Tries To Speed Up Openings

FDOT will begin construction this month on a construction project  for the Brickell Avenue bridge.

The project will add barriers designed to stop pedestrians from jumping or going under them, in an attempt to shorten the amount of time the bridge is open.

Each extra minute the bridge is open is costly to Miami’s economy. Opening of the bridge costs Miami’s economy at least $12 million per year in economic damage from lost time and wages, according to a Downtown Development Authority study from several years back – and that number is growing every year as the area sees double digit gains in population annually.

The bridge openings also take a toll on Miami’s environment as cars idle while waiting.

The Brickell Avenue Bridge rehabilitation construction project will begin the week of November 16. Lane closures will occur overnight on weeknights that are non-event nights, while pedestrian access may also be temporarily limited to one side of the bridge.

The $4 million project includes adding pedestrian gates, repairing mechanical and electrical bridge components, painting the bridge, and replacing lighting at the Tequesta family sculpture, bridge barrier and Riverwalk.

The new gates “will significantly reduce opening times keeping pedestrians from ducking under and holding up the bridge tender,” commissioner Ken Russell wrote on Twitter.

Completion is expected in September 2020.


(photo: ken russell)


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The people crossing the bridge as it goes up are the type of people who will also hop a low fence..




and the same people who leave scooters in the middle of sidewalks and park in bike lane.


Lets ticket all of those types of people. Enforcement is key!


You are absolutely correct… the police department seemingly NEVER tickets these idiots….once word gets out it’s not tolerated it’ll cease to be a big problem


Also, the same people who try to beat trains crossing tracks, and result in more wasteful and progress-impeding nanny state measures.


THIS IS A MAIN ISSUE OF IMPORTANT CONSEQUENCES… The main issue here is the absurdity of a whole City having to stop because a small sailing boat had to cross whenever he likes to. PLEASE DO NOT MISS UNDERSTAND ME I AM A PRO BOAT PERSON. I have lived in ICON BRICKELL for 5 years now and still, I can’t overcome this absurdity. Till a few months ago this may happen at the pick of rush hours. But fortunately and finally, somebody thought about it and decided to place a schedule for boats to cross. BINGO! Something improved. But they still kept some openings of the bridge during heavy traffic hours. And worse they returned to the opening of the bridge at any time a simple one sailing boat shows up… IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE that is creating an overall opinion that living or working in Brickell is a pain in the neck, therefore it is affecting the value of the properties which worsen by the slowing down of condominiums sales, just based in this opinion. People look for other places where to live or even work if the may choose. And just because this absurdity… Read more »


Totally agree. Not to mention that 1 lane and even sometimes 2 right lanes once you cross the bridge northbound have been taken by delivery trucks parked next to the Epic and by construction (Epic renovation and now Aston Martin building). The traffic during rush hours is absurd! I do not understand why police don’t ticket these delivery trucks, in many other cities they do ticket delivery trucks blocking traffic lanes.


I agree but the schedule would need to be changed for weekends.


So true…1 boat shows up and it prevents good people who may be coming or going to work and business to suffer all to let 3-4 people on a pleasure boat to move thru the waterway meanwhile maybe 150-200 people have to be inconvenienced to allow this boat to continue


If you live by a bridge in Brickell, you know the familiar sound coming from the speakers of the tender house:

“HALLLLOOOOO!!! I NEEEEED TO OPEEEEEN DEEE BREEEEDGE NOWWW!” at the idiot pedestrians who hop the gates or just hang out in the middle of the bridge taking selfies.


yes & yes … especially at nights!!

An Ol



This is a typical Miami solution, give the victim who is bleeding profusely a little band aid. Since the 1960’s this area has needed a tunnel, not a bridge, there was a proposal as early as 1968 and the excuse then was the same as it is now. That it would take too long and it would cost too much. This excuse was ridiculous then and it is more so now. The longer we wait the worse the problem gets and each time that bridge goes up it bleeds more cash and affects the Miami economy more and more. The port bridge was expensive and it took a long time to be completed but it has helped our economy and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It is time for our politicians to take this seriously. They managed to do it for the port they can also do it here!


Totally agree. I think many Miamians don’t appreciate just how incredibly absurd it is to have that kind of disruption in your city core. The economic waste alone pays for this. But much like everything else in the city, shortsighted.


One consideration should be a tunnel at SW 1st Avenue under the river. Have it go subterranean at SW 9th Street ish, and surface again at SW 1st Street.
Leave the Miami Bridge and Brickell bridge alone during the construction of the tunnel.


If the bridge got a tunnel it will speed it up a lot more


Tunnel is the ONLY solution. Everything else is just a silly band-aid.


Ban cars from Brickell Ave Bridge. Buses, bikes and pedestrians only.


Ban car-hating idiots from America and send them to the third island west of Borneo.