Brickell Burger King Property Listed For Sale After 78-Story Tower Approved

After obtaining approval to build a 78-story tower, the owner of the Burger King property across from Brickell City Centre has listed the site for sale.

According to marketing material, up to 392 units can be built on the property. That matches the amount recently approved by city officials in a tower called 18.

The property is surrounded by development on all sides, including Brickell City Centre, SLS Lux, Brickell Heights and Solitair Brickell.


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au revoir le sandwicherie


Say bye bye to that gorgeous design.


I knew that building would never materialize in Miami.

Yohan Perez

Staging, plain and simple. You stage a house with furniture to sell it and you stage a plot of land with the construction possibilities. Not happy with this teasing and taking it away.


i’m so confused; all the renderings show it rising on the footprint of the strip mall and burger king that reside on that corner.

now it’s for sale? like, to who? why?


The property is being flipped.


ohhhhhh yea. sorry. i usually realize these things. i’ve had a long weekend and it’s monday.


Hopefully the buyer likes the proposed tower. Probably just end up being a third brickell heights tower though.



Haven’t you seen SLS lux?


Or worse, a twin of Solitar Brickell.


Solitaire is just disgrace. Miami officials are guilty of even considering this, let alone approving this ugly horrible structure feet away from Brickell Heights. Ugly blocking not needed at all


The whole point of the getting the approval was the make the property more appealing to a buyer. The buyer will be under no obligation to build what is approved there. Liquid Lofts is another example of a property where they are probably proposing a building to make their property more appealing to buyers. You see this also with downtown property owners applying for FAA height approvals for their properties that they have no intention of building on.


I could not have it any better Dave. Sadly the tower that was approved will probably never see the light of day.


On a different note, anyone know what kind of fee these architects collect on these base proposals?


At least Liquid Lofts was a terrible box of a proposal simply showing how high you can go without even taking in consideration more land assemblage for a larger and better tower. The approved tower here actually looks like something designed to build.


This is not a surprise , they have shown the potential and now they want to sell it for that price , but no many developers are capable to make it happen , so they price will never be what they thought will be 😀


the owner of this property owns the CVS plaza on sw 8th st and sw 2nd ave, he bought this to flip it, he doesnt have the long term sight to see something this beautiful through. Typical.