Brickell City Centre Could Pave The Way For Taller Towers In The Downtown Area

Taller towers could be in store for downtown Miami, following the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to approve Swire Properties’ One Brickell City Centre last week.

A height limit that had restricted towers in the area to 1,010 feet is being lifted to 1,049 feet.

Swire had initially proposed to build a tower that reached 1,111 feet above sea level. After negotiating with the FAA, the height of the proposed tower was reduced to 1,049 feet, which the agency eventually approved.

During negotiations, the Miami-Dade Aviation Department informed the FAA that they were considering increasing the height limit over parts of downtown Miami from 1,010 feet to 1,049 feet, helping to clinch the favorable decision (TNM will publish the revised height atlas soon.)

In a letter, the FAA wrote that the new tower will require revised procedures for planes taking off and landing Miami International Airport, including increased climb gradients and raised minimums for planes on approach. Unusually, Swire will be required to notify the FAA six weeks prior to starting construction so that the agency can publish new Minimum Vectoring Altitudes and Minimum Obstruction Clearance Altitudes for the area.

Although those revisions are not considered to be significant, they could affect fuel requirements for airlines. Parties who oppose the approval, including airlines, have until August to file an objection.