Brickell City Centre Reopening Today With No Structural Damage From Hurricane

Brickell City Centre held up well during Hurricane Irma and is set to reopen later today.

According to Swire Properties, there was no structural damage anywhere in the complex, including residential towers, hotel, office towers, and shopping center.

Electricity was maintained throughout the storm, and buildings performed as they were designed, Swire said.

First to open will be the East hotel, starting Tuesday (today), September 12. Also opening tonight will be some restaurants, from 6-11pm.

Select retail stores at Brickell City Centre’s mall will reopen Wednesday, September 13.

“We are keen to get back to normalcy as soon as possible. We want to play our part to get Miami back on its feet. And, the longer we remain closed the longer our suppliers, retail assistants and all hourly staff are prevented from the opportunity to work. This is a social obligation, before being an economic one.” said Kieran Bowers, President of Swire Properties. “We want the reopening of East, Miami and BCC to signal the strength and resilience of our Brickell and Miami communities. We look forward to seeing all the communities of Miami return to their homes and going about their daily lives in this great city.”

Residents are already able to return to their condominium units, Swire said.

Here is how BCC resident (and TNM reader) Chris described the storm:

I live in BCC reach tower no flooding, mall fine less a few trees because they never were mature enough to be rooted well. Surprised no trees I saw flew off any nearby towers penthouse units. The river surged and covered the whole triangle where river oyster bar is but BCC was unscathed. We lost power in the condo tower maybe 5 or 6 times literally just long enough to shut your computer off. The wind gusts between some towers was really nasty.