Brickell City Centre Lettering Now Illuminated At Night (Photos)

The massive Brickell City Centre lettering on the facade of the mixed-use project is now lit up at night:


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Been there a few times, currently underwhelmed. Hopefully as more stores open it will reach the expectations many have.


I think that once all the stores open and it becomes busier it will show better, the one thing that needs to be address is the first floor around south Miami Avenue where they have just dumped mulch. People are always going to J Walk this and that needs to be addressed asap


Any news on when Cinemex will open?


It will soon be overrun by teens dropped off by mommies in their mini vans.


Nah. They most likely can’t afford it or won’t like the selection. As long as they don’t show any Madea movies it should be fine…


Looks nice, very close to the rendering, is the backside done?


I wonder why some of the cladding wasn’t placed in some areas and left with the stark gray wall. The renders showed cladding on almost all of it.


I was there today and asked a security guard about the Cinemex, he told me they have conflicting dates one being end of this month and the other being June, lets hope its the January one.


I have a friend who is working at the CMX and it’s opening by the end of this month.


Good to know, thanks for the reply.


I heard jan 20


What about the EAST sign? It’s been open for months…


I forgot about that sign. Same goes for SLS. Where they at?


The SLS letters are installed & lit, but sized much smaller than the renderings showed:


Everybody is going to kill me with nasty reviews
But I’m the only one that think that the BCC Common areas looks like Penn Station in NYC? Just with dance stores on it!!!

Close the place with glass, forget about the Breeze 20 million ripoff and put air condition and white marble and make this place accordingly with the kind of stores they have there!

THE summer heat and the smell of dog Urine on the dark gray color will really make this place look like a overprice street mall… from 8 street ( coincidentally )

Dadeland mall looks more inviting after 30 years than this place

And I think the stores are great but to expensive to create enough movement of business A place to see and to be seeing but not much to buy!!!!

Savy man

I agree, the interior is underwhelming.


Been a few times also, and just went this past weekend. The food places look interesting and seemed busy, but as for retail, the stores looked super slow. And as a 27 y/o guy on a budget, there aren’t really any stores targeted to my demo, then again that’s not who they’re marketing to. The metromover station connection is great, but it’s a little confusing trying to find it from within the mall. I ride transit all the time downtown, so I knew where it was, but it’d be a nice marketing tool to clearly identify where it is (with some creative signage) for those that came to mall by car to promote that there’s another option.

side note: the “Sugar” bar on the 4oth floor of EAST is awesome.


Now you really feel in a big downtown area ……….