Brickell City Centre Streetscape Deal Could Hint At Northward Expansion

Miami Dade commissioners are set to vote on a deal with Brickell City Centre that could result in improvements for pedestrians.

As part of the deal, Brickell City Centre will pay for and build lighting, hardscape, and other improvements to improve the pedestrian experience.

Additionally, 15 parking spaces currently used by County Bridge Maintenance will be replaced and made available to county employees.

That could hint that Brickell City Centre is preparing a northward expansion towards the Miami River.

The agreement does not state the exact location of the parking spaces or the streetscape improvements. However, the county does have parking spaces under the bridge on SE 5th Street, where Brickell City Centre’s North Squared lot is located (and currently vacant). It is also across from land on the Miami River owned by Carlos Mattos, who is a partner with Brickell City Centre on another lot.