Brickell City Centre’s $20M Climate Ribbon Designed To Keep Shoppers Dry And Cool

Swire Properties has spent around $20 million building a high-tech Climate Ribbon at Brickell City Centre (they even trademarked the name).

The purpose of the Climate Ribbon, according to a press release in 2013:

  • Add a cool breeze to the mall: Swire said that “the Climate Ribbon is designed to harness summer trade winds and Biscayne Bay breezes to keep air flowing between six to nine knots through the public spaces.”
  • Protect visitors from sunlight: “To address Miami’s strong sun, sections of of the Climate Ribbon will be designed at strategic angles and set at varying heights to best reflect the rays.” Harvesting solar energy could also be possible in the future.
  • Keep the mall dry, and collect rainwater: Not only will the Climate Ribbon protect visitors from rain, it also includes cisterns that collect five million gallons of water on an annual basis.
  • Make an architectural statement and unify the property.

Has the ribbon been a success? It does protect shoppers from sun, but some parts of the third level got wet during recent rains. The mall has been relatively cool (although it is the cool season), but its hard to tell if the ribbon is providing the promised breeze .


the ribbon’s architectural statement:

some parts of the third level still got wet during recent rains: