Brickell Financial Centre Signs Utilities Deal For Expansion

The owners of Brickell Financial Centre have signed a deal with Miami Dade Water and Sewer to supply utilities for a new 12-story project.

According to paperwork signed this month, the project will include:

  • 7,340 square feet of full service restaurant
  • 7,809 square feet of office

The project is referred to as Brickell World Plaza Phase 2a and 2b. It is designed to feed off pedestrian activity generated by Brickell City Centre, according to developers.

Eventually, a second phase is planned with a 904-foot tower.




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Build the 904 foot tower now. Why wait?


Clearly there is a need for parking.


The market is too over saturated right now. They need to wait 4-6 Years.


You know that for sure,or you just guessing?


This was published in March… Unfortunately the tower on top of that pedestal in the 2nd phase is going to be condos/rentals. I was hoping for more office.


One gets the feeling that developers and their financing partners just can’t quite yet embrace the concept of taking a “risk” in developing really big skyscraper office buildings in Miami. That’s odd because the word is that Miami’s available office space in the CBD and in Brickell is steadily shrinking and soon there may be a critical shortage of Class A office space. When it comes to luxury condos there seems to be no such reticence but with the office buildings, it’s a 10 story building here, a 12 story building there and maybe 100,000 square feet of proposed space in a mixed use project here and there. Just yesterday though an article appeared here in TNM about a 45 story office building set to break ground in Park West early next year. Maybe that is what it is going to take to burst open the floodgates and start the long-awaited office market boom in Miami.. one developer takes the plunge, makes a fortune and then office skyscrapers will bring a forest of cranes to Miami’s skyline the way condo towers have done over the past decade and a half. It would be long overdue, IMO.


This is off 7th street in what is now a parking lot for 600 Brickell. About time!


so, nothing is going to go on top of this pedestal? it doesn’t make any sense…


I thought the tower Swire’s(One Brickell city centre) was going to be 1049 feet, not 904. Or is this another tower ?


another tower


Another. I believe where the burger king is.


Where the Burger King is where 18 will be 928 feet tall


This is on 7th street not 8th.