Brickell’s Riverside Is Now Officially Open With Seven Dining Outlets & An ‘Old Florida Vibe’

Riverside, a waterfront dining and entertainment venue, is now officially open in Brickell.

The venue is opening in phases, with a soft opening this month. Through the month of February, it will open on Fridays starting at 4PM and the weekends at 12PM.

Eventually, Riverside will have seven dining concepts, a tap room, multiple bars, outdoor activities and green space. In total, there will be 120,000 square feet of space on the Miami River.

The seven dining concepts are:

  • AWA Asian Cuisine, an Izakaya style restaurant led by Chef Gonzalo Arganaras and Patio Rivera
  • A second full service restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine by Chef John Iatrellis
  • Cage, a more casual concept from the team behind Le Chick
  • Lisboeta, a Portuguese seafood joint by the Miami restaurant Old Lisbon
  • Mexican cuisine from Taco Gourmet by Chef Alex
  • Crush Pizza Bar
  • Coffee and gelato by San Lorenzo Gelateria

A tap room operated by Miami River Brewery is fully operational, and features big screen TVs and large fermentation tanks.

The design and landscaping at Riverside is said to be recreating an old Florida vibe.

Riverside will be open Tuesday to Thursday from 11:30am to midnight, Friday and Saturday from 11:30am to 2:00am and Sunday from 11:30am to 11:00pm. There will be weekly activations like Taco Tuesdays, Wine and Whiskey Wednesdays, as well as family events and different music genres.


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So fresh…so clean


soooo whatever….


So damn crowded I would never go there.


Went and its a more adult version of Wharf, until wharf closes and this becomes the new spot for the kids to go


I’m glad they installed something nice while they wait to develop this lot. And when is the wharf going to be redeveloped.


Old Florida Vibe, according to whom?


Should have had a more proper stage for musicians – live local music like Los Wizzards would be a huge win.


“Old Florida vibe?” Hahaha! No, Tobacco Road was old Florida vibe. This is just using developable land for something because anything worthy proposed here is cursed.


“OLD FLORIDA” BECAUSE the soil is so old and we are in florida.


I hear the neighbors love the excess noise.. 😉 LOL #ClubSpaceHeartUltraWynwood


How bad does it get? Brickell on the river and MyBRickell cant be too happy thats for sure…. Can crowd noise really be heard with hurricane resistant windows?


It can be a little noisy. Smart people either get used to it or sleep with a white noise machine.


Very Expensive drinks!!!


Very cheap Miami residents!
Want a world class City – need to understand and accept that there is a general correlation to things being more expensive than the norm. Property taxes, insurance, wages etc. cost more and things cost more.
Can’t have Tallahassee prices in downtown Miami.


Here’s the 2 cents from the Cheap Miamians wanker. Probably lives at home and blows his whole paycheck on restaurants and clubs, wondering why everyone else is so cheap.


Yes, expensive drinks are expected in Miami. But not at a pop up venue.


It was empty the other day.


As usual in Miami, the novelty of this place will wear off.


I hope it is dog friendly. Dogs should be allowed at the restaurants and bars, and all the public events.
That would make it a success.


Just leave the dogs at home. Public health nuisance, logistical nightmare for servers and who wants to step in per and crap. Leave them home.


Leave the Dogs at home…pllleeeaassseee

Dr Kevorkian

How about those with their imaginary “chronic” illnesses and the disable stay home instead and leave this spot for the beautiful and normal people..or else book a flight to the Netherlands or Oregon


I guess you don’t mind paying the lawsuit if someone’s dog bite somebody?


These would be millennial dogs…too lazy to bite.


Dogs are for kids to play fetch with. Adults should seek human companionship for going to restaurants and bars and public events. If you can’t swing human companionship then either go solo or stay at home with your dog.


I have enough with stepping on dog shit every single time I walk around Brickell. Why do people even have these dogs stuck in these tiny studios in the first place? Don’t get a dog if you don’t have a house with a backyard!