New Broker Hired To Market Empire World Towers Site

Commercial real estate firm Holliday Fenoglio Fowler has been hired to market the Empire World Towers site at 300 Biscayne Boulevard.

A MUSP was approved in 2008 allowing for a twin-tower project that included 1,557 residential units. Each tower was to be built up to 93-stories or 1,022 feet. The FAA granted approval to build up to 988 feet above ground (1000 feet above sea level), and granted an extension in 2010, but the approval expired in 2011.

The property is effectively controlled by CDR Creances, an instrument of the government of France. Maurice and Leon Cohen, who once controlled the site but were later imprisoned for fraud, objected to the HFF hiring, but were overruled by a judge.

 Previously: Court Ruling Allows Empire World Towers Site To Be Sold

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7 years ago

Make it so!

7 years ago

What does it mean by “hired to market”?

7 years ago

They hired a Broker to help them sell the land.

7 years ago

I hope they built the Empire World Towers. Looks like a beautiful project! And it will look very modern with the Miami Skyline. Making the city of Miami more beautiful from what it already is.

Anyone agree?

7 years ago

have been dying for the current 330 biscayne blvd to be demolished for awhile now.

7 years ago

With that being so.. We won’t see the Empire World Towers be built?

Are they selling the land to someone who can possibly want to built the E.W.T?

7 years ago

Whenever the word Empire is used as a building name, it means the bubble is about to pop. I know, I know, this time is different.

7 years ago

Let me explain why “this time is different”. In the early 2000’s and all the way to 2006. Developers were selling their units to anyone with a pulse. What I mean by that is that most people were only putting down 10$, 5%, and in some cases taking out 80/20 loans in other words 100% financing. When the market collapsed the whole thing crashed because there was no “real” money, only notes with IOU’s.

This time around developers have become extremely strict. They require 25% in cash, at signing, another 25% again in cash at groundbreaking, and in some projects another 25% also in cash once it reaches a certain floor. This means that between 50% to 75% of the moneys being exchanged is real money! That is the difference, and that is why the next time the market corrects itself it will not be another crash. Keep in mind I am only talking about Brickell and Downtown, not for the entire area of Miami – Dade county.

7 years ago

I am a major developer and a have a fantastic idea for this site at 300 biscayne blvd. It shall be called “Three” and shall be co-developed by Dwyane Wade. Shall it be three towers? GOOD QUESTION. We expect to do monster sales in China, where Dwyane Wade is already a household name. Say hello the new face of the Boulevard. Good things come in threes. Let’s go Heat.

7 years ago

Is it just me or is this building WAY TOO BIG for the site? Not only does it completely dwarf the Freedom Tower but it looks like it will cast shadow on the bay front park area to the east. What exactly is so appealing to the commenters who are salivating over this? Will this truly help the neighborhood? Seems like we are ruining the “postcard” of our city by these ridiculously oversized development projects.

Afi k. james
7 years ago

It will help downtown miami.

7 years ago

how so?

7 years ago

Is there a possibility that the Empire World Towers can still be built?