Broker Sues Resorts World Miami, Wants Commission For Boulevard Shops

Resorts World Miami is being sued by a broker claiming to be owed commission for a lease at The Boulevard Shops.

In the lawsuit, Prime Sites Inc. said that they were hired to market the property at 1401 Biscayne Boulevard for lease, at 6% commission. The listing agreement was to last for one year (until April 2015) or the completion of the building’s 40-year re-certification.

In April 2015, Resorts World sent an email to Prime Sites saying that the listing agreement had been terminated, although 40-year re-certification wasn’t yet complete.

In March 2016, Crystal Cruises announced that they would be occupying the space (Crystal and Resorts World are both subsidiaries of Genting.) Prime Sites claims that they are still owed commission since the 40-year re-certification has yet to be completed.

Resorts World disputes that any lease has been signed. A letter from Resorts World’s lawyer says that although Crystal’s signage is already in place, they have not entered into any formal negotiations for the space yet. Prime Sites will be notified upon the completion of re-certification, according to the letter.