Sales Tax In Broward Will Rise To 7%, After Voters Approve Transportation Plan

Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach will all have matching 7% sales tax rates after an increase was approved by Broward voters yesterday.

Now at 6% in Broward, the rate will increase to 7% beginning on January 1. Palm Beach voted to increase their 6% sales tax rate to 7%, which began in January 2017.

In Broward, tourists account for about 30% of sales tax paid.

Two rail systems could be built using the proceeds, including an airport-seaport line in Fort Lauderdale and a light rail system to the western suburbs from downtown Fort Lauderdale. Rail does not appear to be a priority though, and the Sun Sentinel urged voters to reject the tax saying that the county could end up with no new rail at all under the plan.

The extra 1% is supposed to last for 30 years in Broward, and 10 years in Palm Beach. Dade increased the rate half a percent in 2002 to fund transportation, and another half percent earlier to fund Jackson Memorial Hospital.


Plans for The Wave streetcar were recently cancelled by Fort Lauderdale:

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>Two rail systems could be built

Thanks, I needed a laugh today.


Great! The politicians have more money to spend with no accountability….do the voters really believe they build trains? They probably fly to China now to ride a bus which looks like a train. Indeed a good laugh after I read the article.

Broward Corruption

Broward is filled I’m with uninformed voters…just looks to how we (not me but my neighbors) vote on commissioners, SOE, SB, Sheriff, etc.. #NOAccountability


Now fund stations along the FEC line!

A. Nonymous

So it doesn’t sound like there’s a transportation plan, just a tax.
Of course Miami-Dade did have a plan, and that didn’t work out so well.


It be nice if most of the lightrail would be elevated.


Reread the article.. it said “Rail does not appear to be a priority though.” With South Florida’s thinking, I wouldn’t be surprised if the money gets spent on freeways.


Why? Light rail should be at street level when possible to integrate into the streetscape.


Lightrail also causes traffic lights to alter and people hit them.


Um, what?


You mean, dumb people to hit them? The system works in many places, and successfully alleviates traffic.

Elevated lightrail means higher costs in infrastructure which translates into shorter ranges, and significantly longer time for completion. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen, even it were a priority…


“other places” South Florida isn’t like other places.

Darrell Dunlap

It really would be nice if be it was elevated instead of taking up Lanes at grade doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out


I heard political ads in support of this on the radio, and literally went off on a tangent about open green space and schools. Yeah, good luck with getting decent transit when its parks filling the pockets of the corrupt school board (which by the way, did nothing to intervene when the writing was on the wall about the Parkland shooter) and teacher’s unions.




30 years?!?!!? LMAO


South Florida should be looking into the hopes of (at low cost in the longer term ) an infrasturture for tommorows longtime future===>>> *hyperloop* … google it…..====>>>


Unbelieveable!! I leased a car in 2018@ 6% & now they want to charge me 7%.
Another —- news. Who is responsible for this