Canvas Developer May Be Planning Another Project Nearby

NR Investments has the 536-unit Canvas condo under construction in what they call the The Arts and Entertainment District. They may be planning additional projects nearby.

A promotional video posted to their website shows a rendering of a glassy building near canvas, with the developer saying that they have one or two other projects in mind for the neighborhood.

An affiliate of NR Investments owns the property just west of Melo Group’s under-construction Square Station, and the rendering appears to place the new project there.



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First spotted and reported by miami1 on…

Yet Another Anonymous

SSC represent! We shook but did not falter five years ago when TNM came out (in forum format at first).


Beautiful transformation one block at a time.


Wish it were 3 blocks at a time


Three additional new complexes (2 more Melo, 2 more NR) planned. That makes 3 blocks!


Filling Station and Canvas are solid looking developments, and I like what I’m seeing so far.


That area is going have a real nice vibe in the future.


Very urban and young


“A+E District: The Promised Land” LOL


Props to NR Investments and Melo Group for the vision and courage to invest and create new neighborhood.


Welcome more units to the market …. the area needs to be filled with new interesting projects


Great marketing!
Crappy neighborhood


South Beach was once considered a “Crappy neighborhood” before it morphed into what you see now.

Diamonds are crappy looking before they’re cut and formed into a thing of beauty.


One does not need to go that far back in time to track some utterly stunning changes all across the area…

In the early 80s and for quite a long time before that, South Beach was not just crappy, it was considered totally hopeless. And it was not even called “South Beach” then. Brickell was dull with a few nondescript mid-rise condo towers and a few mid-rise bank buildings. The downtown CBD was thought to be dying or already dead. Wynwood was thought of as a crime-ridden and impoverished ghetto area. Midtown? What’s that? Same for the A & E district, they did not even exist. Metrorail and Metromover were still in the planning stages and Miami was generally thought of as a place to avoid by nearly everyone everywhere.

When we complain about things today it is important to note the unimaginably spectacular transformation that has occurred in the whole region in just three or four decades and I would argue that it has been 90 percent or more for the better. Better yet, there is far, far more yet to come!


South Beach has had amazing Art Deco architecture since the 1930’s AND an Atlantic Ocean since before that.
This neighborhood has the Miami Cemetery to the north, a cement factory to the west, and the Chapman Center for the homeless to the south.

It is not worth comparing the two.

This neighborhood will grow as long as the population of Miami continues to grow. It is great that developers are buying land cheaply and building apartments targeted toward younger people, and middle income people as it is much needed.

This is the only place within 5 blocks of the Metromover where land can be purchased under $10M per acre.


Brickell was a crappy neighborhood once.


I wonder who the architect was


On Canvas it’s CFE


whos the architect????


whos the architect??????


Yay more superblock wads with trillions of parking spaces. What a great “neighborhood” the “Arts” “and” “Entertainment” “District” “is”.


It s a very pretty tower !