Canvas Now 85% Sold, Deliveries Begin This Summer

85% of 513 condo units at Canvas have been sold, the developer said this week.

Prices range from $386,200 to $630,000.

Deliveries are set to begin this summer. The restaurant and bar “Esotico Miami” will open in Fall 2018.

The project will include 27 floors of large-scale murals and original artwork by urban artists. The CANVAS Collection, commissioned by NR Investments and curated by Miami urban artist Daniel “Krave” Fila, brought together over 20 artists from Miami and other parts of the world to create over 200 original works of art for the property’s residential corridors.

“We took the idea of a ‘canvas’ to its most literal extreme and gave all of these artists free reign to express themselves on our walls,” said Shoshani. “It’s an unprecedented collaboration, and we took a huge risk doing this, but we wanted to stay true to our vision of creating a residential community that reflects the creativity and culture of Miami.”