Census: International Immigration Alone Boosted Miami-Dade Population By 15% Between 2010 & 2018

Miami-Dade County has seen a major population boom since 2010, largely fueled by international migration.

The huge influx of international migrants means that almost 15% of Miami-Dade residents did not even live in the U.S. 10 years ago (or less).

There have been 265,146 new international migrants arriving in Miami-Dade between 2010 and 2018 alone, increasing the county’s population by 15.1 percent during that time.

Miami-Dade ranks second in the U.S. for population increase through international migration, behind only Osceola County which grew 15.9 percent (Osceola was fueled by immigrants from Puerto Rico, which are counted as international by the Census Bureau). Miami-Dade was still far ahead of Osceola on a numeric basis though, with Osceola recording a total of just 42,640 international migrants.

The numbers were released by the Census Bureau and first reported by Florida Politics.

Overall, the state of Florida ranks number one nationwide for international migration. The growth is largely concentrated in Miami and Orlando however.