Census: Miami Second-Fastest Growing Big City Last Year

Miami was the second-fastest growing big city in America last year, according to newly released Census data.

In just one year from July 1, 2015, to July 1, 2016, Miami’s population increased by 2.9 percent, adding 12,715 people. The city’s population is now 453,579, up from 440,864 in 2015.

On a numeric basis, the most recent year was the biggest increase of this decade for the city.

On a percentage basis, Miami’s growth rate for the year was the second fastest of any of America’s 50 most populated cities, behind only Seattle’ 3.1 percent rate.

Since 2010, Miami’s population has consistently increased every single year. The total increase from the start of the decade is now at 13.5 percent, from a base estimate of 399,457.

Miami is now the fourth most densely populated big city in America, behind New York, San Francisco and Boston.

Census Bureau data released earlier this year also put the overall Miami metro area among the fastest growing nationally, with an estimated 5,400 people per month moving to the area.