China City Construction Completes Preliminary Approval At Brickell Site Where They Plan Miami’s Tallest Building

China City Construction Corp. has completed ‘preliminary approval’ of what they call a landmark project at the former Capital at Brickell site, according to a posting on their website last week.

China City plans to build the tallest building in Miami on the site, their website said at the time of purchase (although the property is restricted in height by aviation officials compared to other parts of downtown.) Total construction area will be about 330,000 square meters, or 3.6 million square feet.

The project remains in the planning and design stage. A partner in the project, American Da Tang Group, has said it will be targeted towards Chinese end users with amenities that cater to them.

China City is a state-owned enterprise with a philosophy that calls for ‘building socialism with Chinese characteristics.’ The company completed the purchase of the 2.78-acre Capital at Brickell site late last year along with partner American Da Tang Group for $74.74 million.


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