Chinese-Owned CCCC Towers Site In Brickell Declared Unsafe By City, Must Be Filled

The CCCC Towers site in Brickell has been declared unsafe by a city board.

At a March 1 meeting, the Unsafe Structures Panel gave the Chinese owners of the land 180 days to “complete fill.”

It isn’t clear if the property owner will be required to completely restore two floors worth of dirt that have been missing from the site for around a decade (we’ve reached out to the Building Department’s Unsafe Structures section for clarification).

Around ten years ago, a developer removed two stories of fill from the property in preparation for a twin-tower project there. That project was then cancelled, leaving a gaping, two-story pit in the heart of Brickell.

Earlier this month, the city recorded a lien on the property in county records, blocking any potential sale until the violation is cleared. Two partners, China City Construction and Asia Allied have been battling over the land in a Hong Kong Court.

A contractor has been on site since January overseeing repair work, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy the board. The work said to already be underway includes repair of sidewalks and a new retaining wall, according to a Notice of Commencement filed in January.

CCCC International USA paid $74.74 million for the property in 2014. Chun Wo Development Holdings paid $40 million for a 40% stake in 2015, valuing the land at $88.88 million. The partners had proposed a project valued at $875 million.