Claim: FDOT Rigged Signature Bridge Bidding Process To Favor Inferior Design

The Florida Department of Transportation “jerry-rigged” the Signature Bridge evaluation process, a Miami politician claims, according to Andres Viglucci.

Former commissioner Marc Sarnoff alleges that FDOT skewed the selection process, resulting in an aesthetically inferior proposal receiving top ranking.

By giving FDOT’s technical engineers scores a higher weighting, the agency managed to give a first place rating to a design that a local aesthetic committee gave low ratings. One member, Arsht Center director John Richard, gave FDOT’s top-ranked bid a “poor” aesthetic rating.

FDOT delayed a meeting that had been scheduled for Monday after receiving protest letters from Sarnoff and the second-ranked team.

FDOT has refused to publicly release the proposals, arguing that they fall under the competitive bidding process “cone of silence.”