Claim: Met Square Archaeological Dig Is ‘Proof’ Of Sea Level Rise

The archaeologist hired by MDM Development to dig at the Met Square site says that he has uncovered evidence that the sea level has risen at least a foot over the past 150 years.

Bob Carr told the Herald that he found bricks from Fort Dallas, dating back to the 1860s, that were submerged a foot below the water table. Carr says that this is evidence that the water table was once much lower.

Scientists believe that the sea level has risen 8 inches since 1870, according to the IPCC. Carr said that the evidence showed that sea level rise may have been between 1-2 feet, significantly worse than IPCC calculations.

The article also quoted UM Geologist Hal Wanless, who has been telling Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and just about everyone else that Miami is ‘doomed’.